Jeremy Tomlinson  M.Ed., R.M.F.T., R.S.W., EMDRIA Certified

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, EMDR

Performance Enhancement Therapy

Performance Enhancement helps people to realize their maximum potential.  It helps people to overcome barriers and maximize strengths.  EMDR helps stimulate the brain’s information processing system and the rapid healing of psychological barriers that prevent optimal performance.

EMDR Peak Performance was originally developed as Performance Enhancement for athletes, performing artists and business people.  It helps to remove barriers that get in the way of peak performance abilities.  For example, it can help a musician who is getting stuck on one part of a piece of music or an actor who is having trouble remembering some lines.  It can help a business person to feel more confident with public speaking or networking.  It can help athletes, musicians, dancers, actors, and business people reach their full potential.

EMDR Performance Enhancement is also helpful to improve day-to-day activities that many of us experience.  It can be helpful in a variety of ways.  Some examples include:

  • Improving social skills
  • Improving dating skills
  • Managing binge eating or overeating
  • Improving time management skills
  • Improving organizational skills

I attended EMDR Peak Performance training with Sam Foster, one of the two creators of the protocol.  I have also attended EMDR conference workshops with David Grand whose Performance Enhancement approach focuses on creativity and the arts.

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